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squash is where students turn problems into projects. challenge-based learning for young innovators. ages 15-19.

$89 per monthly challenge 

young people are having an impact earlier than ever before.

by joining our community of changemakers, you will learn to:

big problems

think critically about global issues that you are passionate about.

build cool

learn by doing and build real-world experience as a problem-solver.

your work

show your true potential to colleges, employers and the entire internet through a portfolio of projects, not grades.

squash is an afterschool program designed for the digital age.

we hold live weekly sessions, connect you to the internet’s best resources & offer support in our discord community.

every month at squash

you will​


next gen learning for

gen z leaders,

next gen learning for

gen z leaders,

challenges, not lectures

our challenges will spark your creativity; our methodology will teach you the mindset and skills you need to change the world.

flexible learning

every challenge offers an opportunity to build something new. the result is a series of projects created throughout the school year.

global community

learn and build alongside students from across the world who are also ready to make a difference.


1 month per challenge


live weekly sessions & ongoing discord support


english, with an accent 🙂

squash is for you

explore your passion

traditional schools don’t offer a space where you can explore topics that YOU care about or skills YOU want to develop.

experience growth

push past your comfort zone and challenge yourself to create, iterate, and grow.

join a community of peers

work with the support and accountability that come with being part of a community of like-minded peers.

develop real-world skills

learn the mindset and the skills that you need for the future of work.

stand out from the crowd

create a portfolio of projects where you can showcase interests, skills, and your work.

create an impact

we 100% believe teens will change the world. we are just here to accelerate that process.

squash challenge $89

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how does squash work

each challenge is a month-long design sprint with 2 weekly live sessions. each live session runs for 90 minutes. within a month, students will explore a challenge, ideate a solution, build a prototype, take action and show their work.

why projects

projects are a way to explore your interests, channel your passion into something tangible, strengthen or develop new skills, and learn new concepts when it feels relevant and purposeful.

who is part of the community

squash is building a community of teen changemakers. as we launch, squash is for young innovators ages 15-19 but we will soon expand and invite teens ages 13 & 14 to join us as well.

why a portfolio

grades, resumés and standardized tests tell incomplete stories about who we are as learners and creators. a portfolio of work will allow students to truly showcase what they are passionate about and the work they’ve done to learn and build in that space.